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Life Leadership Coachings courses:

Courses can be designed to your needs. Time and format according to your order.
Location can be at your work place or we hire a conference room / hall.

Index of contents - Via the red links below you can go directly to the course descriptions.


Self-study courses on the web. Are listed in the web shop.

  ETT Eliminate the Time Thieves, work smarter, have energy left.
  Communicate Training in Basic Communication, a model for creating dialogue.
  Personal Chemistry Exploring differences and becoming able to see these as assets.
  My Mission Become aware of your personal Vision and clarify your personal Mission.


_Eliminate the Time Thieves. A course in Personal Efficiency.


Work smarter
With personal efficiency we do not mean just working faster, or more aggressively. Our personal efficiency is often lowered, often without our noticing, by different "time thieves". These arise usually around such things as prioritizing, planning, task handling, unscheduled telephone calls, meetings, not being able to relax after work.

The ETT course focuses on these time thieves, and in the course a number of concrete solutions are presented and discussed. These aim at decreasing or even eliminating typical time thieves.

Inefficiency leads to stress
We often try to handle stress in our work by learning "stress coping", and there are many courses available in this field. Many of these are useful and necessary. But, they often miss
one important factor: lowering the stress level by working more efficiently, to increase one´s personal efficiency.

"Just enough" stress
Follow-ups of a number of participants of the ETT course have shown that for many these is no additional need for learning stress coping abilities. The former negative stress has changed to "positive stress", i.e. the "just enough" stress we need for our work to feel challenging and make us develop professionally.

The ETT course is tailored to each customer´s individual needs, but consists normally of a lecture for the whole work group, 3 hours, max 50 participants, plus two discussion meetings, 2 hours, max 10 participants. How many lectures and discussion meetings are needed depends on the total number of participants.

Price: 6000 SEK+VAT per lecture, 4000 SEK + VAT per discussion meeting. Additional cost for premises may be added, if an external room or conference hall has to be rented.

Number of participants: Maximum 50 at lectures, max 10 at discussion meetings.

The course ETT is now also available as a self-study course.

This e-book mini-course can naturally not be specially designed to organization or the individual persons, as the course described above is, but it can never the less be sufficient for you, in creating new strategies for yourself in becoming more focused and thereby more efficient in your work.
______Look at an excerpt.

Price $ 9,50
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______ icate

_Training in Basic Communication, a model for creating dialogue.
Basal Kommunikation

The course is about verbal and non-verbal communication, and about the different levels of communication. It also includes concrete group exercises for doing communication training in practice, for negotiation methods and co-operation skills.

Basic Communication

The course digs into what we actually do when we are communicating, especially what we do subconsciously. This includes our choice of words, the quality of the voice, facial expressions, body movements and body position, muscle tonus, changes in skin color, eye movements, etc.

A new concept for verbal communication - Basic Communication - is taught theoretically and with practical exercises. The communication exercises are done in groups of three, where the participants take turns in communicating person to person plus one having the role of the observer.

Levels of communication

Basic Communication is based on a model of the human psyche, where communication is assumed to take place on four levels:

  • Level 1: The level of action. The observable level of communication. Action includes the speech plus all non-verbal communication, behavior, overt action or non-action.
    Conflicts are normally triggered on this level.

  • Level 2: "I want...". The level where I am conscious of what I want. We assume that this level is in correspondence with the level of action, but subconsciously there is often a mismatch. Even if I myself know what I want, but I do not convey this, this may lead to misunderstandings.

  • Level 3: "I need...". The level where I can become aware of what I need in a certain situation. This should ideally correspond with the levels above, but often does not, due to
    my unawareness of my real needs.

  • Level 4: Basic needs. Examples of basic needs are food, shelter, sleep, safety, love, acknowledgement, being able to contribute. We are not always conscious about these. Our inner beliefs or anticipations about whether our basic needs are met and are not met control our emotions: positive emotions if they are met/will be met, negative if one or more of them are not met/will not be met.


In the course we will investigate together where and when Basic Communication can be beneficial. One example of a situation where this is the case is in negotiation, a situation we more often that we may be aware of find ourselves in, and where we usually are unaware of that the situation in actuality is a negotiation. A concept for negotiation aimed at win-win, Basic Negotiation, will be presented and discussed.

Another example of where Basic Communication is good to use is conflict handling, when we get upset by another person and his/her way of acting in some recurring situation. Through a concept Reframing one can learn how to resolve such conflicts. The method will be presented, theoretically and with the help of concrete, real examples.

Read more about Basic Communication, watch a video ->


Course length: Six hours with breaks.

Price: 1500 SEK+VAT per participant. If the course is held in other premises than your own, rent cost will be added.

Nr of participants: Minimum 6, maximum 50.

Basic Communication is available as an e-course as well:

The e-course Basic Communication includes a concise but comprehensive instruction e-book plus a number of sound tracks. It is designed to be used for self-study and/or to be used as a course material for course leaders.

Look at an excerpt.

Price $ 69
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_____ Chemistry

____Exploring differences and making them be assets.

This course is designed to be used in work teams. We among other things discuss how differences in basic personality may affect our communication and our ability to co-operate and how these differences sometimes can cause misunderstandings and conflicts.

In the course there are a number of playful exercises around a personality model, Elementity, that is based on Jungian psychology. The participants are are assigned to prepare for the course by doing a web based personality test, which will indicate one's basic personality profile. This will be emailed to each participant before the course.

After this course you will have a deepened knowledge about yourself and about the image you present to others. You will be able to understand your colleagues better. You will together be able to communicate and co-operate better and more efficiently.

Read more about Elementity ->

Course length: Six hours with breaks. Price: 1500 SEK per participant.
Cost for premises will be added, if premises outside your workplace have to be rented.
Number of participants: Minimum 6, maximum 20.


The course Elementity uses as a starting point a test, that has been developed at PsykosyntesForum,
and that you can do yourself over the net. It takes approximately 30 minutes to do, and an Elementity Profile will be sent to your e-mail adress.

Price $ 6,50, unlimited number of runs.
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_My Mission

_A voyage of discovery within yourself. Formulation of your Personal Vision and your Personal Mission.

My Mission

In the course you will through discussions within the group and through different exercises (meditations, visualizations) be coached to an increased consciousness about your Path and based on this coached to formulate your Personal Mission and your Vision.

A Mission Statement that is in correspondence with your highest dreams and your inner driving forces, and which is well stated, will help you in each phase of your life and will in each situation help you to hold your focus and to direct your energy to where it is needed.

Scope: 8 meetings à 3 hours. Price: 5000 SEK+VAT per participant. Cost for premises will be added, if premises outside your workplace have to be rented.
Number of participants: Minimum 6, maximum 10.

The course material is available as an e-course as well.

Price $ 100
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