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Life Leadership Coachings webshop is under development. Some products have been entered, but
you can also look into our other company PsykosyntesForums webshop, where you will find many more
downloadable products, within areas like personal development, mental training, meditation, stress coping, etc.




Books in Swedish. Search for "coaching".

Books in English. Click on the banner here to the left to go to or
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To find books about psychology, look into PsykosyntesForums Amazon affiliate bookshop.




ETT - Eliminate the Time Thieves - Work smarter
With personal efficiency we do not mean just working faster, or more aggressively. Our personal efficiency is often lowered, often without our noticing, by different "time thieves". These arise usually around such things as prioritizing, planning, task handling, unscheduled telephone calls, meetings, not being able to relax after work. The ETT course focuses on these time thieves, and in the course a number of concrete solutions are presented and discussed. These aim at decreasing or even eliminating typical time thieves.

_______________________________________________________

This e-book mini-course can naturally not be specially designed to organization or the individual persons, as the course ETT, but it can never the less be sufficient for you, in creating new strategies for yourself in becoming more focused and thereby more efficient in your work.__Look at an excerpt.

Price $ 9,50
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Medvetet seende CONSCIOUS VISION
The sharpness of vision decreases with increasing age for most of us. Accumulated experience can also result in more and more seldom looking at things in new ways or it can lead to more seldom becoming fascinated of what we see. Think about how it would be regaining the spontaneity and the curiosity we had as children. And the sharpness of vision we had then ...

This e-book mini-course focuses on this, and contains a number of easy exercises that will increase your ability to perceive reality around you in a more present and focused way, and which also will help you regain part of the sharpness of vision you had as a child. ______________ Read more ->

Become more Consciously Present by more Conscious Vision !

PayPalPrice $ 3,50
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MORE E-BOOKS from our other company, PsykosyntesForum :

Eating Script. ______________ (Free for Newsletter Subscribers.)
Re-program your subconscious mind, letting your body automatically tell you how you shall eat.

You Can Spell.

Learn how to use your memory access in an optimal way in order to find your ability for spelling correctly.



Basal Kommunikation

The e-course is about verbal and non-verbal communication, and about the different levels of communication.
The course includes both theory and experientially focused exercises for couples and/or groups, in communication training, negotiation methods and co-operation skills.
Read more, watch a video, Look at an excerpt.

Price $ 69
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Mental Frames

Develop your ability to be aware of your thought patterns
and to change them so that they empower you.
___________________________________

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and get this course for free!

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MORE E-COURSES from our other company, PsykosyntesForum :
(Click on the links to read more at the PsF site.)

AOM Breathing _____________ (Free for Newsletter subscribers.)
Learn how to find your natural breathing in order to find your Inner Peace.

Eating Script. ______________ (Free for Newsletter subscribers.)
Re-program your subconscious mind, letting your body automatically tell you how you shall eat.

Get Unstuck.
Learn to re-program your subconscious mind to interrupt an emotional blocking.

Handle Criticism.
Learn how to re-program your sub-conscious mind to make you respond to criticism constructively.

Empower Your Inner Healing.
Activate your body´s hidden knowledge.

Release the Emotion.
Find your ability to let go of limiting and paralyzing emotions.

Reprogram Your Allergy.
Eliminate allergy through subconscious reprogramming.

Reprogram Your Relation
Learn to be aware of your negative behavioral patterns and learn to act with love and respect.

Reprogram Your Stuttering.
Find your ability to speak fluently, and have access to this ability in more and more situations.

Extrovert Me

E_COURSES from other providers:

Extrovert Me: How to Overcome Shyness. Become the Life of the Party, and Totally BOOST Your Confidence... (By Bradley Thomson.)

Speed Reading

The Speed Reading Secret. Would you like to triple your reading speed, increase your comprehension, and retain more of what you have read?

The average person reads about 200 words a minute with a 60% comprehension rate. That effectively means they're only reading 120 words every minute. At this rate it would take an average SIX SOLID HOURS to read a small 200 page book. Decrease this time to TWO HOURS !





A Personality Test based on the several thousand years old symbolism The Four Elements has been developed at PsykosyntesForum. The concept has its roots in the Personality Typology by Carl Gustav Jung (Thinker/Feeler, Intuiter/Senser, Introvert/Extrovert, Perceiver/Judger).
________

You do it yourself over the net. It takes approximately 30 minutes, and an Elementity Profile will be sent to your e-mail adress.

Price $ 6,50, unlimited number of runs.





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